Since its inception in 2014, Hostivice RUN has been supporting charity projects, and this year too your participation will help many amazing organizations. This charitable aspect of the event also underlines the original idea of ​​Hostivice RUN: “Every legend has its own beginning.” By participating, you will become a legend for us and for you. Helping others is important, or even essential. This year, you will support the following extraordinary and amazing projects. Thank you and run with us!

Cesta domů

The Cesta domů non-profit organization provides registered health and social services that enable people to live where they want at the end of their lives, with the support of specialized palliative care if they need it. Through the services of a mobile hospice, the organization enables caring for the terminally ill and dying in their own environment, and offers support to their loved ones.

My new life

The Můj nový život (My New Life) project was created jointly by the pediatric oncologist Dr. Lucie Cingrošová and the photographer Kamila Berndorffová to increase public interest in children treated for cancer and to change the attitude of our society towards children suffering from cancer and their families. It tries to help children return to normal life after chemotherapy through experience programs for entire families.

The Parent Projects is an organization founded by parents whose children were born with Duchenne / Becker muscular dystrophy. This serious disease causes a wasting and gradual loss of active muscle mass. The organization is trying to improve medical and social care, spread awareness of life with a muscular disease, and to organize professional medical conferences and residential educational events for families or self-help meetings.

All Within My Hands

In 2017, the legendary American band Metallica founded the All Within My Hands Foundation, through which it helps other charity organizations it works with. Thanks to its popularity, fame and media following the band contributes to various projects around the world, whether it is to integrate war veterans back into daily life, to fight hunger, or to promote education. In 2018, Metallica supported a number of European projects.

The members of the band are also actively involved. Photo: James Hetfield (right). Source: All Within My Hands Foundation