Terms & conditions

Organizer: MKSH, public non-profit organization

Date: Sunday, 19th May 2019

Venue (start and registration on site): Hostivice, Litovická Street (by Litovický Pond)
Presentation: from 8:00 to 10:30 am. – Litovická, Hostivice (fee payment, proof of identity, starting package pick-up)

Start: TBC

Registration: until May 15, 2019 to 12.00 pm. at: www.hostivicerun.cz (registration will be closed earlier if capacity is exhausted)
E-mail: info@mksh.cz
Application form: surname, first name, e-mail, telephone, address, year of birth, size of T-shirt (every registered adult Hostivice RUN 2019 runner will get one for free until March 31, 2019). From April 1, 2019, it is possible to order a T-shirt for a fee.

On Friday 17th May, from 7 am to 7 pm, and on Saturday 18th May you can pick up the starting package (a starting number with a chip, other materials) or register for the race (for the full registration fee) in Sokolovna Hostivice, Jiráskova street, 201, Hostivice.

Races including entry fee:

“Hostivice Five” (4,67 km)
“Hostivice Ten” (10,54 km)
Hostivice half-marathon (21,09k)

Single entry fee for all the races (adult category):  450 CZK – on-line registration in advance, 550 CZK – registration in Sokolovna Hostivice, or on the spot (if the capacity of the race is not exhausted by online registration).

Children’s RUN (approx. 750 m – 1000m)

Crickets and Ladybirds (2012–2013)
Green Tiger Beetles and Lizards (2010 and 2011)
Cheetahs and Gazelles (2007-2009)

Single entry fee for all races (children’s category): 50 CZK – on line registration in advance, 100 CZK – registration in Sokolovna Hostivice or on the spot (if the capacity of the race is not exhausted by online registration).

Parental ultra-run (approx. 500 m): 50 CZK – on line registration in advance, 100 CZK – registration in Sokolovna Hostivice or on the spot (if the capacity of the race is not exhausted by online registration).

Each of the following charities will receive 30 CZK from every entry fee paid in the adult runner category: My New Life, Parent Project, The Way Home and All Within My Hands Foundation.

Course description: Are you looking for a running competition in a beautiful environment, on forest trails but without big climbs? Do you want to experience the unique location of the Hostivice ponds? Do you have the courage to measure your strength against others and stand up to the competition on the adventure track? Welcome to the 6th Hostivice RUN. The circuit between the ponds offers a total of five types of races, divided into different age categories. Everyone can choose the race that suits them best. The shorter “Hostivice Five” (4,67 km) is suitable for beginners, while more advanced runners can try the “Hostivice Ten” (10,54 km) and true fighters can show their will and endurance in the Hostivice half-marathon (21,09k). Younger racers can run their favourite shorter track of 750m-1000m (the Children’s RUN), as well as the popular Parental Ultra-Run, where parents and their children compete together.

This year, a varied and adventurous track through the picturesque old buildings of Hostivice and the surrounding lakes is waiting for all competitors. The 10km and 21k races will run along the pilgrimage route to Hájek (originally, this route to Hájek was originally lined with twenty small chapels, of which twelve have been preserved).

Prizes: Prizes for the first three places in each age category (men, women, boys, girls).

Facilities and refreshments: Refreshments in the form of water, juice and fruit will be available at the checkpoints at the start / finish and on the roads. After the race, all competitors can visit the nearby Fort Roxy Restaurant, where free pasta and vegetable snacks will be prepared, including unlimited soft drinks. There will also be a dress-tent near registration where you can leave your personal belongings (at your own risk: the organiser bears no responsibility for any losses); we do not recommend leaving valuable items or cash here. Small items can be left at the secure depository for a fee (20 CZK).

Final Provisions: The competition is open to anyone over 18 years of age; a written consent form from a legal representative is required for competitors under 18. Parents are responsible for their children as part of the Parental Ultra-Run and the Children’s RUN . Although third-class roads will be officially closed, including local roads, participants are obliged to respect the traffic rules and to follow the instructions of the organizers and the organizing service, police and firefighters. You start at your own risk. The name of the competitor is shown on the starting number and there is also an integrated chip that is not returned. Runners must have a number attached to their chest and ensure that is always visible. Interpretation of the race rules is the responsibility of the organizer. The race time limit is 1 hour (“Hostivice Five”), 2 hours (“Hostivice Ten”) and 3 hours (21k). Competitors will not be classified if they complete the race after these times.

We’re looking forward to seeing you for the sixth time. Team MKSH